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We’re proud to have helped people from all walks of life, with different abilities and goals,
achieve their dream of becoming a better athlete. Read a few of their stories to find out more...

Athlete 1st have transformed Will’s approach to training and mentally preparing him for match day. His speed, strength and stamina has increased significantly which has been reflected in his performances. Athlete 1st has taught Will the specific techniques with regard how to looking after his body in between games, with the right stretching and flexibility exercises. Training Will how to do the execution himself has created a better disciplined sportsman, which will stand him in good stead for the rest of his sporting life.

Rob Davies - Will’s father

Tom injured his back and his physiotherapist recommended Liam to us. Over 6 months Tom has recovered and then increased his speed, strength and fitness and I know he really enjoys working with Liam.

I've also started training with Liam, over the last couple of months he's significantly improved my core strength and mobility, improving my golf swing as well as my general fitness.

I started working with Liam in Jan 2016 after a tough cross-country season. We started to work on my strength and speed in preparation for the athletics season and by the first competition I’d taken 3 seconds off my 300m, 800m and 1500m times finishing the season 6 seconds faster overall in my disciplines. We work on my core and glute strength and compared to the start of the season I am so much stronger and have therefore avoided injury. I’m hoping to start the next road relay and cross country season more confident, and definitely stronger, and will hope to see Liam 3 times a month. The sessions are fun but tough and I feel so much better after them. I’ve done both individual and group sessions and both are challenging and I love the competitions he sets.

Lauren Robinson - Regional and national under 15 runner

I’ve advised a large number of my golf clients to use Liam in order to help maximise their athletic performance. He leaves no stone unturned in helping them in whatever athletic aspect they’re lacking. After working with several athletic trainers, Liam has been the one that gets the results. And fast!

My two boys have had many coaches over the years for the numerous sports they partake in. All the coaches that have trained them only wanted to make them fitter and provide them with the necessary skillset for each particular sport; rugby union, tennis and hockey. Liam is the first coach that I have seen to work specifically on making them faster. Being faster affects almost every sports as it allows one to be more dynamic and quick off the mark - which has caused my sons’ performance to improve since having Liam as a coach. I’ve been looking for a coach like this for 10 years for my boys and have only just managed to find one capable of this.

Tony Smith - Father of Max and Theo Smith - Rugby Union players

The training has helped massively in controlling my body throughout the swing, and also being able to deliver more power into the ball.

The training and programmes that have been developed specifically for me, have helped me gain control over dynamic movements that I can apply to my particular sport.

Jacob Oakley

6 weeks ago I tapped into all the sporting connections that I’ve made over the past 4 decades of being involved in sport.
I only asked for the greatest, most dedicated, ultra-knowledgeable, gifted, extremely motivated experts for dedicated young athletes. As it wasn't for me, but for our daughter, it had to be absolutely spot on.

After speaking to Liam for over an hour and being told "it’s not about short term wins it’s about building an educated injury free athlete, who thrive on what they do."

My daughter Imogen said "Thank you Dad, this is making such a difference and I can’t wait for next season."

Any parents who want to support their child to be the best footballer, golfer, rower, lacrosse, swimmer, hockey, rugby, tennis player etc. then the is the only place for them.

Caitlin started working with Liam 12 months ago ahead of her transition from Junior to Ladies hockey. A year on, she is noticeably stronger, more agile and faster, which has enabled her to more than hold her own on the pitch against older and more experienced players and achieve her goals in age-group hockey.

Liam’s advice and experience has helped Caitlin remain injury free and has taught her the importance of core strength and fitness in her quest to become the best hockey player she can be. He ensures all his sessions are fun and strikes a great balance between challenging, motivating and educating young athletes competing in a variety of sports.

Caitlin Polley's Mother

I started working with Liam 12 months ago following a recommendation from my physiotherapist, I'd had recurring hamstring issues which had kept me sidelined from hockey for months and generally restricted me when playing. For a period of time I thought I was faced with quitting the game.

Working with Liam on a targeted program, in addition to improving my overall strength and fitness, we have been able to eliminate the issue and I haven't missed a game through injury since.

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